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Housing developments: Pure support at every stage

The UK has been in a housing shortage situation for years, so it’s essential that new housing developments are built. Pure Construction teams provide support at every level on housing development projects, from a full-service project management and build to supplying extra contractors or specialists at key stages. If you’re considering starting a new housing development project or have one underway, contact us to find out more about how we can help in these areas:

Selecting a site

With years of construction experience, our teams are available to survey and compare sites you’re considering. By creating a detailed report, we can help you uncover possible risks as well as spot hidden benefits of various locations. Location is truly key, so it’s essential to ensure that the site you select is as advantageous as possible for the type of project you’re developing.

Gaining planning permission and local agreement

Pure Construction have experience of gaining planning permission on numerous projects and are able to support or manage a large scale planning application, including sourcing supporting documents as well as creating architectural plans for the site and individual buildings. We also work on adaptations to existing buildings, so if your project is under construction and changes are required or specialist adaptations are required to a new build, we can assist.

Designing quality buildings and sites

Creating homes that people will love to live in is our primary goal. We work with talented architects and designers to develop affordable properties for every type of market. By focussing on quality at every step, we provide excellent value for money across a wide range of building types and locations. From student flats to luxury family homes, we’re able to create site and building designs that will truly shine.

High quality construction

With a name like Pure Construction you might be forgiven for thinking we don’t do anything else. Construction, from digging the foundations to putting up wallpaper, is our core business and we offer a range of services for new builds. We can manage large, complex sites entirely or provide white label construction crews to support other projects at busy stages. Our team includes specialist workers who are accustomed to providing support on larger projects and all our staff are adapt at working as part of a larger team.

Maintenance and after-sales support

While we make every effort to ensure that all problems are solved before we leave the site, it’s not always possible to predict how a building will settle. At Pure Construction, we offer after sales support and maintenance on our projects to ensure that you and your customers are entirely happy with our work.

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