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Laser Scanning in Construction

Laser scanning is a method of collecting surface data, capturing precise detail of the area very quickly by using technology such as drones and helicopters. It can be used to survey the construction site and create 3D models, which helps with the design stage of the build. As it is very accurate and doesn’t take a lot of time to do, it saves a lot of time and effort by eliminating the need for manual labour and human error that would usually be found when collecting the data.

Using these 3D models can be great to show your clients what they are working with and what they need to change in order to get the result they want. It is also great to show your workers, so they can get a feel of what the building is like and what problem areas there are and what to look out for. Many companies already have their workers trained in using these technologies, so it is vital now that businesses keep up with the competition and do the same.

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