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Wearable technology in construction

Technology is beginning to take off in the construction industry and now there is even wearable technology available. This technology is used to help speed up the construction process, making workers more efficient, safe and aware whilst they are on the job. Some examples of wearable tech are as follows:
  • Smart Helmets – Every worker already has a helmet, so why not make them more useful! With technology like DAQRI’s smart helmet not only can the visor protect the workers eyes from debris, it can also take photos, videos, measurements and display updated information in real time.
  • Smart Vests – Smart vests are being used to ensure workers safety and improve on site awareness. Some vests include GPS tracking, vitals monitor, an airbag inflated collar and more.
  • Smart Glasses – You can now get glasses that incorporate augmented reality, where workers can view 3D models, data, real time updates, plans and work schedules all in one place without having to hold anything. These glasses are great for the construction industry as a lot of the time workers aren’t in the position to be holding and dealing with paper or mobile and iPads as they are often in compromising positions, so this makes it a lot easier for them to easily and quickly view certain things.

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