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Our experienced construction crews, planning and project management staff have worked on projects in a wide range of industries, from home renovations to manufacturing construction. By making a wide range of specialist and general construction services available to our clients, we’re able to offer excellent results at competitive prices. Whether you’re looking to refresh your home, restructure an office or break ground on a new manufacturing complex, Pure Construction have the technical expertise and industry experience needed to transform your vision into concrete, bricks and mortar.

If you need a reliable construction company near you, get in touch – and get your project started today.

Our Services

Each home and family has unique needs and disabled adaptations need to be tailored to meet those individual needs. From wheelchair accessibility to sensory gardens, we provide innovative solutions to help ordinary families enjoy their everyday lives.

Excellent design, high quality construction and completing your project on time and within budget are our goals and we’re proud to meet them. We build, renovate and repurpose commercial and industrial properties of all kinds.

Making a home is a big responsibility. Whether you’re refurbishing your own property, creating a buy-to-let or working on a large-scale new build development we have the skills to make your project run smoothly.

Take charge of your own project with a team of experts to handle the technical details. At Pure Construction we work closely with our private clients to ensure that projects are completed to specification and on time.