From a bathroom remodel to repairing 50 flats damaged by fire, the Pure Construction team have worked on projects of all sizes. We work directly with homeowners, with private landlords, housing associations, local authorities and property developers to create, renovate, maintain and improve homes of every kind.

Putting your Tenants First

Even if you’ve been wanting a building job done on your home for a long time, the actual mess and fuss of living with the works can be stressful. At Pure Construction, we are considerate contractors and our goal is to ensure that the occupiers are disturbed as little as possible while works are carried out. Where possible we discuss the schedule of works with tenants as well as property owners to ensure that disruption to daily life is minimal.

Repairs, Renovations and New Builds

Every property built today will one day be old enough to look shabby and need repairs. At Pure Construction, we work on properties throughout their life cycle, from getting planning permission and creating blueprints through the new-build phase to repair, renovation and even demolition. Our team are experts at extending the life of a building and can advise on the most cost effective ways to meet your goals, whether that’s adding an extra bedroom to your home to fit a growing family or making a tower block safer and more energy efficient.

Specialist Services

Every property has its unique quirks and many require specialist attention. By working with carefully selected experts, we’re able to give each project the expertise and experience it needs. This might mean bringing in an expert stonemason to repair a 200-year-old wall or it might mean using high-tech equipment to dry and clean a property after a fire before restoration work can begin. Whichever skills are required, our experienced team make sure the right person is at work on your building at every step, so you can rest assured that your investment – or your home – is in the best hands.

Disabled Adaptations

Everybody should have a home that is safe, healthy, and meets their needs. At Pure Construction, we work with individuals, service providers and medical professionals to create homes, offices and other spaces which are adapted to suit the specific needs of those who use them. Each project is tailored to meet the needs of the client which means they vary enormously in terms of scope and the solutions implemented. From installing a wheelchair accessible home kitchen to building new care homes, our goal with every project is to provide everything the user requires to maintain their independence, health and safety yet without compromising their other priorities, such as maintaining the character of a property, creating communal spaces or simply taking advantage of one of our lovely Portsmouth views.

Our Housing Projects