From rough-and-tumble primary school kids to tipsy university students, education can be hard on the buildings and spaces where it takes place. At Pure Construction, we work with private and state institutions of all sizes and types to create and maintain strong educational environments. By building and developing appropriate spaces, we are proud to support the learning and enrichment of the next generation – even if that does mean spending a lot of time repainting scuffed walls!

Keeping Students Safe

From curious toddlers to mature PhD candidates, keeping your students safe while we work is our number one priority. Wherever possible, we will schedule any repairs, maintenance or other building work to be outside your normal working hours. However, particularly with urgent work, this isn’t always possible and in these cases we make every effort to ensure that our building site is secured both during the work day and after hours. The techniques we use to keep your students safe will vary depending on the project and situation. For a quick paint job, locking the door might be enough while for an extensive remodel, precautions might include installing secure fencing, extending walls temporarily, employing security personnel, creating safe storage spaces for materials and removing all machinery from the site when work is done for the day.

Disabled Adaptations

Making education spaces accessible to children and adults with diverse special needs is an essential part of our work. As part of our commitment to improving accessibility, we offer both direct adaptations, such as installing ramps in existing properties, and also work to ensure that our other projects, such as general repairs and renovations, help create accessible spaces too. For example, this might mean planning wider doors, sloping corridors instead of steps or otherwise making a space suitable for a wheelchair user but it might also mean creating school buildings with adaptable rooms which can be quiet spaces, sensory spaces or used for therapeutic depending on the needs of the students.

Landscaping, Sports and Play Spaces

At Pure Construction, our work doesn’t stop at the outside walls. We also do landscaping work and create sports and play spaces for our clients. We often work with experts to design and install spaces which let children and adults play safely, developing their sporting skills whilst also remaining safe.

Improving the Learning environment

As new techniques and technologies arrive, schools, colleges, universities and other educational institutions need to adapt to keep pace. At Pure Construction, we can help your institution improve and update its facilities to offer your students everything they need. Working with experts across multiple disciplines, we can design, build, maintain, repair and improve facilities including classrooms and libraries, cafeterias and cooking facilities, science labs and IT suites, theatres, art and music studios, sports facilities and swimming pools.

Our Education Projects