At Pure Construction, we like to think that by providing top quality infrastructure we’re able to improve the lives of both those needing care and those giving it. From renovating care homes through improving access to doctor’s surgeries to building new facilities for large hospitals, our team are ready to tackle any project.

Creating the Right Environment

It is an honour and a great responsibility to build, renovate, repair and improve the environments in which doctors, nurses and other care staff work. By truly listening to the needs of our clients, we’re able to create spaces which make life easier for both staff and patients. Working on projects of all sizes, the Pure Construction team adapt and improve facilities as well as designing and raising new builds. Our industry experience ranges from simple renewal projects to dramatically altering the purpose and fabric of a building. Each project is undertaken with careful planning to ensure that budgetary constraints are met and don’t compromise the quality of the build.

A Safe Space to Work

Health and safety is our top priority, both during the construction process and in the building’s ordinary use. For health and care facility projects, this means paying special attention to the purpose of the building and its expected use to create an appropriately hygienic environment, whether that’s a contained laboratory, a sterile operating theatre or an ordinary GP’s waiting room. By using appropriate techniques and technologies we’re able to create systems which make staying clean, safe and healthy easy. As an example, appropriate HVAC systems, easy-clean paint and flooring, and hand washing stations can all reduce the risk of communicable diseases such as Legionella, respiratory infections and MRSA.

Repairing and Improving Historic Buildings

Many of the institutions we rely on today have a long history and this often includes older or historic buildings. While these premises have a lot of character, they may no longer be able to meet modern care standards. Drawing on experts from a wide variety of fields, Pure Construction are able to update and improve older or listed buildings while still preserving their character and charm. By creating modern facilities within these historic spaces, we help bridge the gap between the past and the future.

Building Specialist Facilities

From hydrotherapy pools to sterile operating rooms and secure pharmacies to staff canteens, the number of different specialist facilities required to make the healthcare sector tick can be astonishing. By working closely with our clients and drawing on expert advice where needed, we’re able to build facilities to meet all the needs of healthcare practitioners and their clients. From hospital wards to residential care, GP’s surgeries to large hospitals, we are proud to support both the NHS and private health and care sector.

Our Health & Care Projects