The right environment can make or break your business. Whether you’re launching a new restaurant, upgrading your factory to make it more efficient or revamping a tired office space, our experience and expertise can make your project run more smoothly and efficiently. With years of industry experience, our construction teams are accustomed to bringing projects in on time, within budget and meeting your needs as well as our own high standards.

Commercial and Retail Units

Many commercial and retail buildings are rented, which means both landlord and tenant have restricted options when it comes to maintaining and improving their property. By understanding the needs of both parties, we’re able to customise units and design fit outs which create the environment your customers need in the space you have.

Our expertise extends beyond the customer-facing side and our teams are adept at building back-office spaces and storage systems which can help improve your overall efficiency and boost profits.

Ready for Unusual Challenges

As disruptive new technologies arrive everyday, it’s clear that whatever the future holds it’s going to be different from what we’ve got now. At Pure Construction, we’re ready to take on new and unusual challenges to help our clients build industrial and commercial buildings that work for them now, but also offer the flexibility that their business will need as it grows and shifts over the coming years. Future-proofing may be impossible, but we believe that our high quality builds will stand the test of time.

Property Refurbishment & Dilapidation

From manufacturing to warehousing, bespoke production to mass consumption, we’ve seen it all. At Pure Construction, our team have been working on industrial builds for years and have the expertise to bring your project to a successful conclusion.

As each facility and industry has its own quirks and needs, our first goal is to understand your unique situation so that we can best plan our work schedule to deliver on time, in budget and with minimal disruption to your existing work set up and flow. By keeping your business running as much as possible, we’re able to reduce the downtime cost of repairs, renovations and expansions, letting your business grow as we work.

Boosting office productivity

Workers complain that offices are cold and unfriendly, landlords find them expensive to maintain (and heat) and bosses are worried about productivity and profit margins. So how on earth can a construction company help?

Using new research and modern productivity-led design ideas, we work with business owners and building owners to create effective modern office spaces that give everyone a bit more of what they need: better energy efficiency and more insulation to bring up those temperatures and drop those bills; more effective internal spaces and flexible meeting rooms; robust connections to essential services, such as phone, internet and electricity. Read more here.

Our Business & Industry Projects