The leisure and culture industry may have the most diverse construction needs around, with properties ranging from a brand-new swimming pool and sports complex to thousand-year-old cathedrals. At Pure Construction, we’re proud to provide appropriate, expert services for each project we tackle, whether that’s sourcing a professional to restore ancient glass or installing an up-to-the-minute gym equipment.

Minimising Shut Downs

Few of our clients want to shut down entirely during a renovation or expansion project. As a result, we’re accustomed to working in properties which are still operational and will, wherever possible, schedule works to minimise disruption. This might include working outside normal office hours or segmenting the build to allow larger areas to remain open to the public. Accustomed to working in busy environments, we secure all our sites to ensure that the health and safety of your staff and customers is not at risk.

Understanding your Building’s Needs

Updating a historic or listed building to meet 21st century needs and safety standards isn’t the only challenge we face when dealing with older properties. In many cases, the contents of a building, such as an art gallery or library, are also sensitive to the dust, temperature changes, vibrations and other by-products of construction work. By listening to our clients, we’re able to understand their needs across the board and ensure that their historical and cultural needs are met, as well as preserving both the character of the building and the integrity of its contents.

Creating New Spaces for Leisure, Culture and Relaxation

As our society changes and grows, opportunities open up to create new places to relax, eat, sleep and enjoy our social and cultural environment. From repurposing old industrial buildings to create boutique hotels to purpose-built cultural centres, the options are truly endless. At Pure Construction, we work with private investors, local councils, charities and other stakeholders to create functional and effective buildings which are also a real asset to the local community and a joy to behold. Our team works with experts across multiple industries to manage every stage of your build, from design through to decorating, digging foundations to fitting lampshades.

At the Corner of Commercial and Leisure

Blended environments which combine a variety of functions, including commercial, retail, office, leisure and residential are on the increase. As an example, community centres and libraries have shared spaces for a long time, and many are now sharing premises with other services, such as GP’s surgery, nursery school or office space. At Pure Construction, we’re accustomed to working on multi-faceted builds and juggling the needs of various sectors and industries. By balancing the needs of all stakeholders, we’re able to bring the project in on time and within budget without compromising our own high standards.

Our Leisure & Culture Projects