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3 ways to cut costs on a new build property

Building is expensive, so everyone is looking for ways to cut costs without compromising on safety or functionality. At Pure Construction, we regularly work with clients on new build projects and over the years we’ve spotted numerous ways we can help you save money and bring in your build on time and on budget. The best time to save money is in the planning stage, as effective planning will have a big impact on your build at every stage.

1. Work with the landscape

Reshaping the landscape is expensive, so if at all possible work with the plot you’ve got. As an example, if your new home or office is set on a hill, work that into the design rather than simply digging a larger hole to fit the same standard square building in. Diverting water – including small streams and heavy rain run off – is also difficult and expensive, so if it can be avoided, do. It’s also worth considering where the material dug out from the foundations will go. If you need to build up one part of the plot and also dig a foundation elsewhere, ideally you want to move the earth straight from the hole to the hill.

2. Get a thorough, accurate and detailed estimate

As professional builders, we can often spot details that may raise your costs, but by the time we’re on site putting up walls it’s too late. Hiring a professional estimator may seem extravagant, but if they can save you over- or under-ordering on key materials, they’ll save you money long run. They may also be able to point out a few places where a tweak or two could save thousands – for example, shrinking a room by a foot to be able to use standard size roof trusses.

3. Think long term

Saving money on your new build property isn’t just about cutting the costs of construction – it’s also about long term running costs. High-quality insulation, solar panels, efficient heating solutions, rainwater capture and other environmentally-friendly measures which drive down your running costs are cheapest when planned in and installed during construction.

4. Make it smaller

Last but not least, the simplest way to make your new build cheaper overall is to make it smaller. While the cost per square foot tends to be higher on smaller buildings, as certain costs (such as connecting to mains power, water and sewage) are generally fixed, the total cost is lower. If you’re planning to occupy the space yourself, plan carefully for how much space you’ll need in the short term, and how you’d expand if your family or business grows. For rental and investment properties, the key is to cut down on wasted space – hallways, utility areas, lofts and so on – that can’t actually be used by the tenant and therefore have no impact on the market value.

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