How Drones are being used to speed up the construction process

How Drones are being used to speed up the construction process

From real estate imagery to fire and rescue services, we’ve been exposed to, or are aware of drones in everyday life, in one way or another. Drones are now in the midst of being used for many new applications, including delivering our Amazon packages in record time and giving out wireless internet access to devices in its area. Here at Pure Construction, we’re seeing how drones are now being used to speed up the process of construction and is making it all a lot easier, especially when it comes to surveying a site…

Eradicating the manual process

Without aerial surveying, which uses aeroplanes or helicopters to collect data, surveyors must walk all over the site, manually marking every point that they need to measure and then do it again to record it all. They would then have to go back to their office and import the data into a CAD system. Often the measurements were found to be wrong or didn’t show enough information, so surveyors would frequently have to go back to the site and make more measurements by hand. With the use of Drones, these errors can be almost eradicated, allowing for everything to be done a lot more accurately, saving a lot of time in the long run.

Access and accuracy

With the use of drones, you don’t have to hire manpower, aircrafts or platforms to aid your surveying and not only does this considerably cut costs, it also means the work can be done a lot quicker and more easily. You won’t have to disrupt the site and its surroundings using a drone, allowing normal life to carry on and saves time closing things down to do the surveying, for example when constructing on roads or public buildings, such as a school. For sites that are deemed unsafe or hard to reach, drones can be extremely helpful, as you don’t need people to actually enter the site until you have deemed how safe it is and where the dangerous zones are. Drones can also get to those hard to reach places that would be difficult for people to access and get into.

Thermal Drones

Drones have advanced over the years and nowadays there are versions that can see more than just the visible surfaces. For example, there are now thermal drones which can show information of problem areas of the site, including detecting energy waste, moisture and electrical issues, making it much more valuable to surveyors, finding these problems quicker and more easily. Often a manual or normal aerial survey can take months to gather all the needed information. However, drones can take just minutes to record all the data and with certain software you can turn data into 3D maps and structure models very quickly, meaning everything can be recorded, converted and downloaded onto a computer in just one day.

Improved project management

Progress monitoring is made a lot easier with drones as well. You can take images and videos from above the site whenever you want to see how the project is coming along and see if there is anything different you need to do to get the project finished quicker and efficiently. If you are unable to reach the site or are based somewhere else, these images can be sent to you and you can see for yourself how it is coming along, without having to actually be there. Furthermore, these images can be used on your website as a marketing technique to show off your work and potentially bring in more clients.

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