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How white label building contractors build up your business

Outsourcing is common in some industries and taboo in others. While software companies and call centres are busy sending jobs overseas, the building trade has – of necessity – kept employment close to home. However, one of the key lessons to learn from the boom industries is that outsourcing can be extremely beneficial, both for the employee and the business employing them. As an example, by outsourcing part of your call centre work to a team in a different time zone you can create 24 hour coverage without needing anyone to work unsociable hours. Below are 4 benefits we’ve discovered from acting as white label building contractors, i.e. supplying our staff to act as part of your team.

1. Quickly get more hands on site

Whether it’s a flu decimating your plumbing team or a nasty surprise during a building inspection that sets you back, there are plenty of times when the number of hands on site can make or break a build. By working with a trusted partner who offers white label construction services you can call in more skilled or unskilled labour without having to vet each new hire individually. This is particularly valuable on large builds where your team may be one of several working on site, and causing a delay could cost you millions.

2. Source specialist services rapidly

No one expects a spark to plumb in a sink so why do we expect construction firms and building maintenance companies to be jacks-of-all-trades? No team can cover every base, and some jobs will require skills your team don’t have. These skills might be esoteric – maybe you’re looking for someone to remove asbestos, restore 100-year-old woodwork or repair a dry stone wall – or they might be more common but simply outside your core business focus. Bringing in a specialist as part of your team will help ensure the project is a success.

3. Improve customer confidence

White label services are supplied under your brand umbrella, which means that your clients will attribute all glory to your team. By working with trusted, reputable white label building service teams, you can expand the capacity and skills list you have available at short notice. Your clients will appreciate your ability to go the extra mile and to turn around a delay or rapidly resolve a problem by bringing on the expertise required.

4. Improve your bottom line

Expanding your business isn’t a linear process so you’ll often find that you have the opportunity for extra work without having enough to justify hiring a new staff member or team to cover it. As an example, building contractors may be offered the maintenance contract for the building they’ve created. Dealing with the structural and decorating side might sit well with your core business, but what about the lawns, fire safety and ornamental fish pond? Bringing in white label contractors is a great way to explore new opportunities and expand your business without risking your bottom line.

Pure Construction have successfully been working with house-hold known companies for a number of years. Our White Label service has rapidly grown to become one of our strongest offerings. The team here at Pure pride themselves on the invested relationships that have established and reputation that follows them. If you’re looking to expand your team, grow your services or need support on an upcoming project, give us a call. We would love to see how we can help.

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