Almost a year ago to the day, fire swept through the Roundhouse at Gunwharf, leaving 30 our of 50 flats completely destroyed. Smoke and water damage left the rest of the building in a dangerous state, resulting in an entire evacuation with most residents unable to return to their home.

Pictures depicting the devastating effects can be viewed at the following ITV article: Fire at Block of Flats, Meridian

Working with Brymor Construction, Pure Construction took immediate action after being contacted by the Gunwharf Management team. After carrying out extensive safety testing, the Pure team were able to get 43/50 residents back in to their home in under 12 days.


Restaurant Re-fits


Contract Value

circa. £1M


Gunwharf, Hampshire

Work Completed

On-going work included a re-build of x1 flat in its entirety, followed by extensive work to x11 flats:

  1. Specialist injection drying
  2. Structural concrete repairs
  3. Electrical / Mechanical repairs
  4. Decorating
  5. Floor Installation
  6. Partitions
  7. Plastering
  8. Kitchen Installation
  9. Bathroom Installation
  10. External Cladding
  11. Sto Render
  12. Scaffolding
  13. Balcony Removal / Re-instatement
  14. Schcuo Doors and Frames
  15. Fire Doors replaced

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